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User management

The first user you configured when registering your business account is by default an Account Administrator. This role has full control over all aspects of your cloud accounts including any cloud applications to which you have subscribed as well as any cloud services you have on offer in the Marketplace if you are a Cloud Service Partner.

You can also add users of other types as well as additional Account Administrators.

For purposes of managing and using your software-as-a-service subscriptions, you can add some other user types:

Subscription Admins can:

- Cancel premium support

- Enable premium support

- Subscribe to special offer

- Manage subscriptions

- View active subscriptions

Financial Admins can:

- View invoices

- View payments

- Manage limits

- Manage payment accounts

- Manage bank account

Users can:

- Login to the account

- Use subscriptions to which they have been added

First, add your users using the appropriate access level from the “Users” tab on the Dashboard. To add “Users” to a subscribed software-as-a-service, Go to the “Subscriptions” tab in the Dashboard, open the dropdown in the service representation and select “Manage Users”. Add the users who you wish to authorize to use the service.

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