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If you have a fully developed data center, in which you administer and maintain applications tailored to your needs, you can off-load much of the routine tasks and begin to benefit from Cloud technology by virtualizing your hardware.

By moving to a cloud-based virtual data center, you can free yourself from:

- Facility maintenance, including power, climate control, physical facility staffing, internet uplink, etc.

- Hardware budgeting, purchase, maintenance, and upgrades.

Although you will still be responsible for application installation and maintenance, operating system licenses and updates, and the like, virtualizing your data center on our cloud will allow you to benefit from several of the economic and other benefits of cloud computing.


A hosted cloud solution delivers a high level of hardware abstraction. You have your own LAN and all the servers and devices you have always had, and in fact, all of this is easily scaled up or down. But now, your server room is empty! We manage all the physical equipment including servers and storage, essential air conditioning, fully redundant power, backup power supplies, and all other requirements of a modern and fault-tolerant data center.

Customer organizations can then benefit from virtualization using an experienced and highly resourced managed cloud service provider to support the hardware side of what you do so that you can focus on the value you deliver to customers or citizens.

Quick-Start with our Ready-Made Deployments

To assist you in getting started in your new Virtual Data Center, we offer a variety of software in the form of Ready-Made Deployments. These self-configuring deployments will create their own virtual machine(s) and other needed resources in your Virtual Data Center and be up and running immediately.

You will have complete control of them after that just as if you had installed them yourself.

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