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Billing and payment

You will need a payment account for your Virtual datacenter resources on which you host your services as well as any Business applications you may have for your business.

1- To setup billing for cloud resources used:


Connect your stc Cloud Business Account

If you are an existing stc Cloud Business customer, you can continue to enjoy unified billing by simply linking your new Cloud Services account to your stc Cloud Business account. You will receive a single bill including all items.


Provide your Credit Card Information

If you are not an existing stc Cloud Business customer, you can provide your charge card information on the Cloud Marketplace. Your account will be automatically charged for any amounts due.

2- Payments due to you, the Cloud Service Provider

stc Cloud collects amounts due from customers of your services offered through your Cloud Services Partnership. Set up your bank account information in order to receive these payments as they become available.


To perform either of these functions, proceed to the Financial tab on your Marketplace Dashboard.

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