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If you have cloud business applications to offer your customers, you can take advantage of stc Cloud’s advanced cloud infrastructure and established customer base for rapid entry into the competitive cloud market. Your services will be located on your own exclusive virtual data centers on the stc Cloud Cloud (powered by Bluvalt® technology).

Using our comprehensive On-Boarding Guide, you can configure your application for two-way communication with the Marketplace via secure web protocols (multiple languages supported). We can also direct you to our Cloud Integration Partners who can assist you with this part of the process.

After onboarding, your services are available in the stc Cloud Cloud Marketplace alongside many other services from a variety of providers. Your customers can subscribe and select from your offered plans and options in the stc Cloud Marketplace. The integration layer then provisions them as users within your service.

The Marketplace handles your customer billing and receipt of payment. Existing stc Cloud customers simply link their stc Cloud account for unified billing.

You need only maintain your business application on your private virtual data center while stc Cloud Cloud Marketplace and stc Cloud Cloud take care of everything else on your behalf.

To begin, see Registration above for how to register your organization and then specify that you are a Service Provider.

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