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With our Active Directory service, smart automation engine will build a complete Active Directory Environment within the Cloud for you without worrying about configurations, network settings, virtual machines provisioning, fail-over configurations with single or multiple controllers.

A complete Active Directory environment will be ready for you with graphical representation to see all VMs and how they are connected with each others.

Such environment will save time and effort and will minimize errors related to configurations.

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      Register your organization with STC Cloud Cloud Marketplace

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      Add designated system administator

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    Covered by Support

    • Virtual Machine Uptime / Availability.
    • Virtual Network Related Issues.
    • Virtual Storage Related Issues.
    • Object Storage Related Issues.
    • Virtual Machine Image Related Issues.
    • Web GUI related issues.

    Not Covered by Support

    • Custom made Images by Customer.
    • Application installed in VM.
    • VM Operating System administration.
    • Customer Internal network issues.
    • Customer data (Based on the security and privacy policy, we can’t access the data in the VMs/volumes. The customer needs to ensure that he has a secured a copy of his data and have taken backups or snapshots of the VMs/volumes).

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