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STC BaaS offering enables clients to achieve reliable and secure backup and recovery without any of the complexity and costs of buying the technology or managing the associated systems and processes. Because information availability and security are increasingly critical to meet strategic business objectives, customers require faster and more cost-effective solutions offered by STC to protect and manage their data.

Key Features:

  • Windows, Linux File System Backups.
    • File and folder level backup support for Microsoft Windows and common Linux distribution file systems
  • System State Backup and Recovery.
    • Support for backup and recover of the System State on Microsoft Windows Server operating systems
  • Application Integrated Backups.
    • Advanced application integrated backup and recovery support for common server applications
  • Data Encryption.
    • All data protected by the service encrypted with Blowfish 128bit encryption as standard
  • Self-Service Web Console
    • A rich and intuitive self-service web console user experience
  • On-demand restore.
    • Initiate restores on demand via the self-service console
  • On-demand backup
    • Initiate backups on demand via the self-service console
  • Granular recovery
    • Perform granular recoveries of items from backup.
  • Single Software for Backup, Archiving, Search, Compliance and mobility.
  • Single task and copy for backup and archiving process with a single copy stored for. maximum level of integration and storage capacity reduction footprint.
  • Desktop protection along with flexibility for end user access for self-service restore. using any desktop, portal and mobile securely.
  • Source and target side deduplication without any specific hardware appliance.
  • Hardware lock-in free, the solution should support any kind of hardware.
  • Search and compliance across backup, archive and desktop for audit, legal hold purposes.
  • Ability to manage array snapshot with application aware in order to take snapshot/clones application aware without admin efforts on scripting.

AVAILABILITY: 99% Uptime Guarantee

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Backup Storage

Backup storage is a storage used for storing copies and instances of backup data

Backup Standard ( Price is inclusive of VAT )

SAR  0.0575/GB/Day

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