Backup as a Service (Powered by Veeam)

Backup as a Service (Powered by Veeam)

- Description -

Product description:

  • As an complimentary offering for IaaS in Cloud services, BaaS is highly trendy service that is offered by most of the cloud service providers

  • STC BaaS enable Cloud and On-premise customers to achieve reliable and secure backup/recovery without any of the complexity and costs in term of designing, purchasing the backup solution or supporting the associated systems and processes.

  • BaaS allows our customers to avoid the important risk of any type of data lose for their businesses.

  • STC BaaS will allow customers to define their own backup policies, by choosing whether high performance storage tier or an economic archiving storage tier or a mix of both depending on their needs.

  • STC BaaS will be a flexible, -use what you need- base offering, that will be addressing every type of customer backup-plans & budgets.

  • STC BaaS is powered by Veeam

Why to choose us?

  • We will decrease your business risk by protecting your data.
  • We will provide you Compliance and Best practice measures.
  • We will help you to save money for your IT backup needs.
  • You will benefit of having a strong guidance that comes from our long experience in Cloud services
  • We are the first and the largest Cloud Provider in SA which will provide you a reliable partnership.
  • Our BaaS solution will address every type of backup business needs & budgets.

AVAILABILITY: 99.5% Uptime Guarantee

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- Products -

BaaS for STC VCD

Provide Backup Solution for STC VCD customers

FlavorPrice ( Exclusive of VAT )
Backup License Subscription for VMSAR 272/VM/Month
Hot Backup Repository (Front end)SAR 0.0056/GB/Day
Tier 2 Backup Repository (Back end)SAR 0.012/GB/Day

Provide Backup Solution for STC SDDC customers.

FlavorPrice ( Exclusive of VAT )
Backup License Subscription for VMSAR 272/VM/Month
Hot Backup Repository (Front end)SAR 0.0056/GB/Day
Tier 2 Backup Repository (Back end)SAR 0.012/GB/Day
Tenant ConfigurationsSAR 113654/One-Time Installation Fee
BaaS for On-premise Data Center

Provide Backup Solution for On-premise Data Center.

FlavorPrice ( Exclusive of VAT )
Backup License Subscription for VMSAR 272/VM/Month
Backup License Subscription for PhSSAR 145/VM/Month
Hot Backup Repository (Front end)SAR 0.0056/GB/Day
Tier 2 Backup Repository (Back end)SAR 0.012/GB/Day
Bandwidth TrafficSAR 0.67/GB
Tenant ConfigurationsSAR 125193/One-Time Installation Fee
Archiving Veeam' On-Premise Backups

Provide Archiving Solution for On-premise Customer's Backups taken locally using Veeam Backup Solution; This type of product applies only to customers who already own Veeam licenses on their premise.

FlavorPrice ( Exclusive of VAT )
Arc. License Subscription for VMSAR 99/VM/Month
Arc. License Subscription for PhSSAR 138/VM/Month
Hot Backup Repository (Front end)SAR 0.0056/GB/Day
Tier 2 Backup Repository (Back end)SAR 0.012/GB/Day
Bandwidth TrafficSAR 0.67/GB
Tenant ConfigurationsSAR 18289/One-Time Installation Fee

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- Support Channels Included -

Coverage Details

Covered by Support

Security and Availability of BaaS and related systems, software and hardware.

Ensure that customer data is not processed for any purpose independent of the instructions of the customer and follow STC privacy practices of collection, usage, storage and disposal.

Provide notification of scheduled maintenance at least One month in advance for any major changes that may affect the customers, and One week to Twenty four hours for emergency maintenance, as applicable.

Not Covered by Support

BaaS Daily Operation Tasks or Customizations e.g. create Backup job or Restore job, define retention policies...

Support and Availability of any system or Infrastructure outside STC Cloud

Customer Data Protection, Security and Encryption.

Customer Data migration.

Ensure reasonable availability of Customer representative(s) to communicate with STC while resolving a service related request during office hours.

Provide full payment for all service and support costs within the agreed interval.

Communicate with STC Cloud support for any incidents.

- Supporting Documents -

STC BaaS End User ManualEnglish4.8 MBDownload
STC BaaS powered by VMware SLAEnglish1.3 MBDownload

- FAQ's -

how do I know what is the needed size for my Hot storage and Archiving storage?
Please ask for support from STC Presales team and you can use the link below to calculate the needed backup storage,
What bandwidth do I require to backup to the STC Backup-as-a-Service?
Bandwidth will determine how long a backup will take to complete. Backup speed and capacity will directly depend on the bandwidth available. Please use the link below to calculate the needed BW: For Example, to offload backup data of 100 GB to STC BaaS Cloud in 8 Hours, it requires 28.44 Mbit/s dedicated Internet\WAN Connectivity for the offloading\backup copy operation.
Can STC Backup-as-a-Service solution backup Physical Infrastructure?
Yes, Veeam Cloud Connect software allows for any combination of VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, standalone Windows & Linux Servers as well as Nutanix clusters to be backed up to STC BaaS
How do we restore data?
Restore process is initiated and managed through your Veeam Backup & Replication Console, same as your local restores.
Is the data compressed before backup to the STC Backup-as-a-Service repository?
Yes, Veeam de-duplicates & compresses data before sending it offsite to the repository. De-duplicated ratios will depend on the type to data being backed up
Can multiple sites backup to the same Veeam Cloud Connect repository?
Yes, multiple sites can back up to the same repository.
How can I ensure that my cloud data resides in Saudi Arabia?
STC Backup-as-a-Service solution will only store data at our own datacenters within the borders of Saudi Arabia. Our Veeam Cloud Connect datacenters are located in Riyadh and Jeddah. Customers will be able to connect to the datacenter with the lowest latency to ensure highest throughputs.
Can STC BaaS backup my Hyper-V, VMware and standalone server environments?
Yes, Veeam Cloud Connect software allows for any combination of VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, standalone Windows & Linux Servers as well as Nutanix clusters to be backed up to STC BaaS
Can STC Backup-as-a-Service be used as a secondary backup location?
Yes, Backup-as-a-Service behaves can be used as a secondary backup repository and your backup files will be protected in a cloud backup repository inside STC Cloud. A local backup copy can simply be offloaded to STC as a secondary backup target (cloud repository) using the Veeam Backup & Replication console after adding STC BaaS Cloud as Veeam service provider and detailed procedure is listed in this link:
What is the purpose of the TCS Backup-as-a-Service using Veeam Cloud Connect?
The STC Veeam Cloud Connect Backup-as-a-Service is a cloud archiving solution for customer backups and backup copies who are already taking backup locally using Veeam Solution. Our cloud solution will effectively replace your current tape storage system as well as meet the offsite data requirements.
Is the BaaS offering managed by STC?
No, customer manages his own backups and restores.
How does BaaS manage to recover my data so quickly?
STCS leverages off recovery functionality to recover a failed VM in less than 5 minutes inside STC SDDC Tenant subscription of the customer to provide the needed production compute, network and storage requirements for the VMs after recovery . Recovery essentially runs your VM instantly from the backup data while restoring the original VM to its previous state before cutting you over thus ensuring minimal downtime and data loss and it relies on Veeam Instant Recovery technology:
Will it affect the performance of my applications?
No, Backups have application-aware processing, seamlessly adjusting its resource utilization to that of applications running on your VM to ensure it doesn’t impact it negatively
How do we perform backups?
It’s agentless for VMware Environment, i.e. you do not require to install it on the VM, we simply point it to the IP address and the software does the rest. We perform Image-level application-consistent backups.
Does Veeam Cloud Connect support multiple retention policies?
Yes, Veeam Cloud Connect supports customer defined retention policies - with the granularity and retention period desired.
Is the data encrypted? Does STC have access to the data?
Yes, clients have the ability to enable encryption of data in transfer and at rest. No, STC does not have access to the data.
Will my data be located in SA?
Yes it will be located in the datacenter of STC in Riyadh and Jeddah.
What are the pricing elements?
First: The Storage Capacity pricing based on pay-as-you-go model for both hot backup repository and archiving repository. Second: license subscription pricing based on the below options: - Backup for Virtual Machine: Veeam Availability Suite Enterprise Plus VM - Backup for physical Server: Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise Plus Server - Backup Archiving for Virtual Machine: Veeam Cloud Connect Backup VM* - Backup Archiving for physical Server: Veeam Cloud Connect Backup Server* Third: Connectivity for STC Private Cloud Customers (SDDC) and on-premise customers.
How does licensing work?
With STCS’s BaaS, you are licensed per VM backed up on a monthly subscription and a usage based storage based on a pay as you go model.
What technology is used for the Backup-as-a-Service?
The core technology used for the service is based on Veeam Backup & Replication solution in addition to Veeam Cloud Connect for on-premise Backup Archiving.
What is STC Backup as a service?
STC BaaS will allow you to backup and restore your infrastructure through Veeam Cloud Connect and Backup & Replication Manager by providing you the flexibility of configuring your own backup policies for your STC hosted Cloud Services and on premise infrastructure.

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