Saudi Domain Name Registration Services

Saudi Domain Name Registration Services

- Description -

Being a CITC approved Domain Name Registrar for Saudi domains, Solutions by STC can administer the domain name space for the country code (ccTLD) of Saudi Arabia

Domain name registration service enables customer to search and register "reserve" a name on the Internet for one year under Saudi ccTLD for .sa ,,,,,,, and .Saudia (in Arabic) through STC marketplace.

Also, it enables customer to modify , renew, delete and transfer Saudi domain name.

Service Features:

*Registering a domain name

*Transferring a domain name

*Updating the registrant information

*Updating the Administrative contact information

*Adding DNSSEC

*Changing the NameServers

*Multi Factor Authentication

*Authentication through OTP for administrative contact change

- Products -

Domain Name

Domain price

Domain Name ( Price is inclusive of VAT )

SAR  113.85/year

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- How it works -

  • Register

    Register your organization with STC Cloud Cloud Marketplace

  • Add administator

    Add designated system administator

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- Supporting Documents -

Eligibility conditions for registrationEnglish489.1 KBDownload
User guideEnglish1.7 MBDownload
SLAEnglish1.1 MBDownload
Registration termsEnglish266.7 KBDownload
Registration conditionsEnglish266.7 KBDownload
شروط التسجيلArabic537.5 KBDownload
شروط أهلية التسجيلArabic776.1 KBDownload

- FAQ's -

How can I transfer my domain name to a new registrar?
1. The account holder for the domain requests (auth-code) for the domain 2. The registrant provides the accredited registrar with the auth-code 3. Transfer request is submitted electronically to SaudiNIC
Does STC provides DNS hosting?
Yes, please check cloud DNS page
What type of domain name should I apply for?
It depends on the nature of your organization.(check Eligibility conditions for registration document)
Do I need to have a web site (ready or hosted) to register a domain name?
No, you only need to provide the two name servers that are hosting your domain name from DNS point of view, and have your domain registered. All this does not require having your web-site ready.
Can I delete a registered domain name?
Can I transfer a domain name to another entity (giving up the domain)?
Who should be the administrative contact?
The administrative contact should be a person who can speak on behalf of the Applicant and he should be from the organization requesting the domain name. He/she should be located in KSA. He should be able to contact STC and change any information for the registered domain name.
How long it takes to register new domain name?
within 3 full working days at max
Can I check if a domain name is available?
What is DNS?
The Internet Domain Name System (DNS) is a set of distributed databases containing IP addresses and their corresponding domain names. Each domain name is mapped to a particular numeric address. DNS, with servers located all over the Internet, performs the translation back and forth between names and numbers.
What is a domain name?
A domain name is a series of letters, numbers and some special characters, which together represent a form legible and easy to remember. It is used to determine a website on the internet which is used as a readable alternative from an IP address that is used effectively to identify sites and directing Internet traffic.

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