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STC DRaaS is a trusted, secure DR solution to support customer's business continuity strategies. DRaaS maintains the maximum level of availability for customer's environment and services against any kind of disaster using Hystax Acura Disaster Recovery Solution by providing them the capability to failover their VMs to either one of our Datacenters available in Riyadh and Jeddah.

In case of service disruption, STC DRaaS allows fast, efficient and secure disaster recovery from on-premises to cloud as well as cloud-to-cloud.

This solution offers a private dedicated DRaaS infrastructure for our customers using STC Software Defined Datacenter as a DR target destination.

- Cloud Connectivity is EXCLUDED

For more information, use our estimation tool with the following link: DRaaS Estimator

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DRaaS Infrastructure

Private dedicated SDDC as destination. Minimum Four Nodes per flavor within the subscription.

FlavorCPU-CoresMemoryStoragePrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
DR-SDDC 12-40768 GB23 TBSAR 28828.2/Month
DR-SDDC 22-40384 GB23 TBSAR 22540.0/Month
DR-SDDC 32-40768 GB15 TBSAR 27682.8/Month
DR-SDDC 42-40384 GB15 TBSAR 21137.0/Month
DR-SDDC 52-40768 GB34 TBSAR 30047.2/Month
DR-SDDC 62-40384 GB34 TBSAR 23931.5/Month
DR-SDDC 71-4768 GB7.68 TBSAR 28469.4/Month
DRaaS Licenses

DRaaS Replication Licenses

FlavorPrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
DR-Lic-VMSAR 220.8/Month
DR-Lic-PhSSAR 318.55/Month
DRaaS Components Configuration

DRaaS Hystax Acura Controller Configuration

FlavorPrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
Controller ConfigSAR 238564.05/OTC - Per Tenant
Passive Replication ConfigSAR 3670.8/OTC - Per VM/PhS Passive
Active Replication ConfigSAR 7340.45/OTC - Per VM/PhS Active

Business Continuity Service

Optional Per VM/PhS

BCS ( Price is inclusive of VAT )

SAR  979.8/VM/Month

IP Addresses

IP Addresses

IP Address ( Price is inclusive of VAT )

SAR  124.2/Month

Mandatory Windows license

Windows License

FlavorPrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
Win lic- SDDC 1-6SAR 7822.3/Month
Win lic- SDDC 7SAR 1565.15/Month

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DRaaS To SDDC (Hystax) GuideEnglish4.4 MBDownload
DRaaS to SDDC SLAEnglish1.3 MBDownload

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How STC DRaaS DR works?
STC DRaaS takes full replica of volumes in the first step and then it keeps taking incremental replicas according to Replication and retention policies.
What is Recovery Time Objective (RTO)?
RTO often refers to the quantity of time that a VM/Server, can be down for without causing significant damage to the business as well as the time spent restoring the infrastructure and its data.
What is Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
The maximum amount of lost data, measured in time, from a failure occurrence to the last valid backup. RPO refers to the nearest point in time, which is the duration before the disaster occurs and the last validated data on our premise.
What is Failback?
Once the main site is restored after an accident, it is commonly required to failback the infrastructure to its origin with all the changes that have been accumulated on the backup platform since the launch of the cloud site, and redirect the user traffic accordingly.
What is Failover?
The process of transferring control, either simulated or actual, of an instance from a primary site to a secondary site.
What is Active (Hot) Replication?
In active STC DR replication, the source application is configured for replication to the target site using its built-in (native) replication mechanism. The machines in both the source and the target sites are considered to be Active-Active running (active) instances in the SDDC.
What is Passive (Warm) DR?
STC passive DR Replication utilized a live-replication mechanism to keep the main (source) site and the DR (target) site in sync. Hystax Acura platform is specifically designed to provide customers with an enterprise-grade passive DR Service. This tool provides the DR planning, retention policy, failover and failback functionalities. The machines identified for passive replication will be configured with Hystax for replication from source to target environment.

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