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  • STC DRaaS is a trusted, secure DR solution to support your business continuity strategies.

  • STC DRaaS provides Flexible off-premises, cloud-based disaster recovery to cloud and between clouds, covers needed hybrid scenarios designed specifically for your VMware environment.

  • STC DRaaS allows fast, efficient and secure disaster recovery from on-premises to cloud as well as cloud-to-cloud. It is unified for all vSphere clouds, supporting any vSphere site to our cloud from within your vSphere client via a simple plugin.

  • STC DRaaS is powered by VMware.

Features/Why to choose us?

Cost Effective:

STCS DRaaS to cloud is much cheaper to manage than trying to create a disaster recovery platform yourself; you don't have to purchase the target hardware and software, and you rent what you need based on usage.

Simple to Deploy & Use:

Deployment is a simple replication virtual appliance. Connect to the Virtual Data Center target endpoint we supply then start replicating and protecting.

Quick to Protect:

As it is based on vSphere there are no agents to deploy and no host firewall changes, unlike Zerto and other products such as Azure Site Recovery (ASR).


STCS DRaaS is a VMware mid-tier solution, suitable for most, if not all workloads including mission critical. It supports up to a 5 minute Recovery Point Objective which is typically good enough when looking at the criticality of most workloads.


Your operations teams don't need to learn a new product; it is very intuitive and works inside your existing vSphere-based solutions. You are in charge of our DRaaS solution to cover your business needs

DR Testing:

Backups and DR can be worthless if organizations don't perform regular validation to ensure they'll work right when needed. Reduce risk with fast, clean simulated DR testing in minutes that enables regularly scheduled testing required for proper DR planning and validation without impacting your ongoing DR activity... or your IT staff.

AVAILABILITY: 99.95% Uptime Guarantee

Available in

- Products -

DR Infrastructure

DR Slices up to Two months of Uptime per Year

FlavorCPURAMPrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
Generic-R11 vCPU2 GBSAR 0.713/Day
Memory-R11 vCPU8 GBSAR 1.311/Day
Extended- DR Infrastructure

DR Slices After Two months of Uptime

FlavorCPURAMPrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
Generic-R21 vCPU2 GBSAR 4.922/Day
Memory-R21 vCPU8 GBSAR 9.131/Day
Edge Gatewa

An edge gateway provides a routed vDC network with connectivity to external networks and can provide services such as a firewall, network address translation (NAT), load balancing, and VPN (IPSEC and SSL)

FlavorCPUMemoryDiskPrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
Compact1 vCPU512 MB1 GBSAR 175.099/Month
Large2 vCPU1 GB1 GBSAR 263.488/Month
Quad-Large4 vCPU2 GB1.5 GBSAR 351.0375/Month
X-Large6 vCPU8 GB3 GBSAR 526.125/Month

vCAV Replication and Orchestration

vCAV Replication and Orchestration

vCAV ( Price is inclusive of VAT )

SAR  73.6/VM - Month


Unified Storage that can be extended on demand

Standard ( Price is inclusive of VAT )

SAR  0.000333/GB-Hour

Bandwidth Usage

Replication traffic (In and Out) of the DR Tenant

Traffic Usage ( Price is inclusive of VAT )

SAR  0.7705/GB

Public IPs (Optional)

Unified Storage that can be extended on demand

IP Address ( Price is inclusive of VAT )

SAR  0.1725/IP-Hour

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User GuideEnglish829.0 KBDownload
On-premise Tenant On-boarding DocumentEnglish2.2 MBDownload
STC DRaaS powered by VMware SLAEnglish1.4 MBDownload

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- FAQ's -

In case of a Disaster, who shall initiate the Failover and Failoback?
STC DRaaS is a self service solution where the customer is responsible for initiating Failovers and Failbacks.
Where is the Customer's Replicated Data located?
Customer have the Options to choose between STC Riyadh and Jeddah Data Centers
What Kind of Platform STC DRaaS support as source?
STC DRaaS Supports VMware Hypervisor. Note that the minimum version of ESXi supported is Vsphere 6.5 U3.

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