mbas ERP Smart Trading and Distribution

mbas ERP Smart Trading and Distribution

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The mbas Smart Trading and Distribution solution helps to continuously increase efficiency of resources by integrating information across the organization and enhancing responsiveness and customer satisfaction. The solutions design enables automation of both generic and advanced business processes used in the industry. It is a comprehensive, web based, mobility ready solution aimed at delivering better control through real time updates and process integration with financials, freeing up cash flow and other resources.

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  • 5 gigabyte Disc Storage per Year
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  • Streamlines Procure to Pay cycle
  • Comprehensive Inventory & Distribution management
  • Streamlines Order to cash cycle
  • Streamlines Enroll to En-cash cycle
  • Simplified Accounting,seamless integration
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What added advantages does the mbas Smart Trading and Distribution solution bring to the enterprise?
Trading and distribution industries around the world face challenges accessing the information located throughout the organization which is needed to strategize decision-making and enable the enterprise and their supply chain partners to implement quick solutions as well as to give the enterprise the agility to scale their operations to match demand. This requires seamless integration of all business functions and robust processes in step with the modern technology-enabled world such as those provided by the mbas Smart Trading and Distribution cloud solution. Short response time, timely information on slow-moving inventory (for optimum purchasing decisions) and maintaining optimum inventory levels (thus reducing inventory cost) are among the advantages this solution brings to the enterprise.
What are the benefits of the mbas Smart Trading and Distribution service?
Monitors inbound and outbound logistics leading to reductions in operating costs. Distributions are enabled through inter-stock transfers. Reduces procurement cycle time and increases productivity. Simple data feeds and analytical reports for the entire order to cash cycle. Flexible payroll configuration and country specific salary sheet generation. Easy to maintain accounting with GL, AR, AP and FY closure integration across application processes and with automatic posting from other modules.
What is the time frame required for an mbas service to be up and running?
mbas smart solutions take approximately one week to ten days for the customer to get them up and running. mbas smart solutions come provided with an Organization and a Business configurator. The Organization Configurator guides the user/admin to set up organization-related global information along with user creation and security settings for users. The Business Configurator facilitates the entry of both master and opening balance data which are pre-requisites for the processes to run. The system is provided with an upload facility for data via pre-defined excel templates. The online help will guide users to understand exactly how to populate the data for a successful migration to the mbas application.
How do you ensure that my data is secure in mbas?
To achieve economies of scale, mbas uses "multi-tenancy". Multi-tenancy facilitates customers running their application on the same unit of software. The data is stored in one database. This makes the overall system scalable, simpler and lower in cost. This may cause some to have doubts about the security and safety of their data. However, any tier 4 technology data center, such as the one hosting this service, delivers complete data integrity and security. The agreements made are legally binding and protect the business interests of all stakeholders.

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