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mbas HR and Payroll is a complete solution for Employee Management and Payroll. It takes care of entire human capital cycle right from enrolling to end of service. It helps the organization to gain strategic insight, competitive advantage, increased productivity and business agility. It empowers organizations of all sizes to maximize work force potential while supporting future innovation, growth and flexibility.

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  • 5 Year Disc Storage
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  • Streamlines entire enrolment to encashment cycle.
  • Integrates with attendance devices and time sheets
  • Employee leave policy coherent with organization
  • Robust CTC calculation methodology for salary
  • Configurable Payroll management
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- FAQ's -

How do you ensure that the data is secured in mbas?
• To achieve the economies of scale, mbas uses "multi-tenancy". Multi-tenancy allows multiple customers to run their application on the same unit of software. • The data is stored in one database. This makes the overall system scalable, simpler and lower in cost. • This may cause you to have some doubt about the security and safety of your data. However, any tier 4 technology data center, such as the one hosting this service, delivers complete security of data. The agreements made are legally binding and protect the business interests of all stakeholders.
What is the time frame required for mbas service to be up and running for a customer?
mbas point solutions take approximately one week to ten days for the customers to have the service up and running. •mbas point solutions come provided with organization and business configurators •Organization configurators guide the user/admin to set up organization-related global information along with user creation and security settings for users •Similarly, business configurators helps users to enter the prerequisites required for the processes to run •The business configurators include both the master and opening balance data which are prerequisites for the processes to run. •The system is provided with an uploading facility for data through pre-defined excel templates which can be filled with master data to be migrated to the mbas application •The online help will guide users to understand the way in which the data entry is to be done.
What is the "Enroll to Encash" cycle in mbas HR and Payroll?
Enroll-to-Encash is a generic term used to encompass the business cycle that starts with enrolling of an employee and ends with the full and final settlement of an employee. There are several prerequisites and parameters involved within the Enroll-to-Encash cycle, including leave requisitions, overtime entries, income and deductions and maintenance of attendance till generation of salary sheet. Upon service termination of the employee, the system automatically generates a full and final settlement.
What are the benefits of the mbas HR and Payroll?
•Employee management maintains the entire data required for the employees •Facility to make multiple Payroll groups and CTC Templates. •Tracking of employees Daily and Consolidated Attendance. •Analytical reports for the entire Enroll to Encash cycle.

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