- Description -

MODAR is a fully managed WiFi network solution that provides unified, high-speed, wireless network using Internet access to employees, and customers across all your offices, branches and stores.

Performance: High-speed WiFi with a seamless network experience

Simplicity: Fully managed network deployment and maintenance

Visibility: Insights on performance, usage and applications

Price: Low upfront investment and higher ROI

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AVAILABILITY: 97% Uptime Guarantee

- Products -

Indoor Access Points Service

Indoor Access Points Service

FlavorModelPrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
Indoor Wi-Fi 6 (2x2)AE5670-10SAR 181.7/Monthly
Indoor Wi-Fi 6 (4x4)AE5760-51SAR 198.95/Monthly
Indoor Wi-Fi 6 (8x8)AP7060DNSAR 207.0/Monthly
Outdoor Access Point Service

Outdoor Access Point Service

FlavorModelPrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 (2x2)AP8050DNSAR 327.75/Monthly
Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 (4x4)AE6760R-51SAR 517.5/Monthly
Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 (8x8)AE8760R-X1SAR 776.25/Monthly
Access Switch 1 Gbps Service

Access Switch 1 Gbps Service

FlavorModelsPrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
Access Switch 12 Ports - 1 GbpsS5735-L12P4S-ASAR 603.75/Monthly
Access Switch 24 Ports - 1 GbpsS5735-S24P4XSAR 1121.25/Monthly
Access Switch 48 Ports - 1 GbpsS5735-S48P4XSAR 1552.5/Monthly
Access Switch 10 Gbps Service

Access Switch 10 Gbps Service

FlavorModelsPrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
Access Switch 24 Ports - 10 GbpsS5732-H24UM2CCSAR 1380.0/Monthly
Access Switch 48 Ports - 10 GbpsS5732-H48UM2CCSAR 2156.25/Monthly
Distribution/Core Switches Service

Distribution/Core Switches Service

FlavorModelPrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
Distribution/Core-24 PortsS5732-H48UM2CCSAR 2673.75/Monthly
Distribution/Core-48 PortsS6730-H24X6CSAR 3450.0/Monthly
Add-on Services

Add-on Services

FlavorModelPrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
SFP-1G Single Mode1G-SFP+,SMSAR 78.2/Monthly
SFP-10G Single Mode10G-SFP+,SMSAR 129.95/Monthly
SFP to CopperGE-SFPSAR 69.0/Monthly
SFP-1G Multi Mode1G-SFP+,MMSAR 69.0/Monthly
SFP-10G Multi Mode10G-SFP+,MMSAR 86.25/Monthly
Stack Cable-0.5mSTACK CABLE-0.5m,SFP-10G-CU0M5SAR 69.0/Monthly
Customized Modar

Customized Modar

FlavorDescriptionPrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
Customized Modar 1Additional Installation FeesSAR 1.15/One Time
Customized Modar 1KAdditional Installation FeesSAR 1150.0/One Time
Customized Modar 10KAdditional Installation FeesSAR 11500.0/One Time
Service Activation

Service Activation

FlavorModelsPrice ( Inclusive of VAT )
Activation AP Wi-Fi 6All Indoor/outdoor ModelsSAR 287.5/One Time
Activation Access SwitchAll Access Switch Models 1/10GSAR 632.5/One Time
Activation Distribution/CoreAll Models Distribution/CoreSAR 2300.0/One Time

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Modar SLAEnglish66.0 KBDownload

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- FAQ's -

Does Modar service support encryption for wireless access
Yes, It's Support WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK
Approx. how many simultaneous users can my device handle
The number of users that an individual AP can support is entirely dependent on the amount of traffic generated by those
Can I have "corporate" and "guest" networks running simultaneously
Yes, our APs support multiple SSIDs, which can be configured to serve any number of purposes. Each SSID can be configure
Does Modar Service provide Core Switch with AP as Solutions
yes, available 24 & 48 Ports non-chassis
Does Modar Wi-Fi Service support smart roaming
APs support SmartRadio for air interface optimization applying different techniques such as Load balancing during smart roaming, Intelligent DFA technology & Intelligent conflict optimization technology
Does Modar Wi-Fi Service support Wi-Fi 6 ?
WiFi 6 supported on smart WiFi package only, WiFi6 features Ultra High speed( 4 higher peak bandwidth & 4 greater concurrency than WiFi5),ultra low latency which can reach up to 10ms, power saving mechanism and IoT openness

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