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Deploy a cluster of MySQL databases with instant replication to ensure true high availability of data.

It also installs a load balancer to distribute the traffic among databases transparently and to allow ability to handle high traffic.

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    Covered by Support

    • Virtual Machine Uptime / Availability.
    • Virtual Network Related Issues.
    • Virtual Storage Related Issues.
    • Object Storage Related Issues.
    • Virtual Machine Image Related Issues.
    • Web GUI related issues.

    Not Covered by Support

    • Custom made Images by Customer.
    • Application installed in VM.
    • VM Operating System administration.
    • Customer Internal network issues.
    • Customer data (Based on the security and privacy policy, we can’t access the data in the VMs/volumes. The customer needs to ensure that he has a secured a copy of his data and have taken backups or snapshots of the VMs/volumes).

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