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The Managed NOC is intelligent Managed services Powered by AIOps.Our Managed service solution delivers Total Ownership with 24*7 intelligent managed services take your IT Operation and Business experience to the next level

Managed NOC combines full-stack observability and advanced analytics with automation, helping solve complex IT problems before they impact customer experience.

Our AIOps solution correlates data across On-prem, Multi-Cloud infrastructure, and network services and applies machine learning, advanced analytics, and automation to deliver a new level of visibility and actionable insights.

Unlike legacy Operation frameworks or siloed point monitoring products, Managed NOC provides unified service assurance by monitoring and Managed all of the On-prem, Multi-Cloud infrastructure components that support your service delivery from a single intelligent platform and single dashboard helping to improve your service quality and reduce operational costs.


AVAILABILITY: 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

- Products -

Monitoring as as Service

By monitoring all of the Hybrid IT infrastructure components that support service delivery from a single dashboard helping to improve service quality and reduce operational costs. Management platform that streams and normalizes all machine data, uniquely enabling the emergence of context for preventing service disruptions in complex, modern IT environments.

FlavorManaged Resources(MR) ScalePrice ( Exclusive of VAT )
Monitoring as as Service (scale 1)less than 50 MRSAR 218/Device / Month
Monitoring as as Service (scale 2)50-100 MRSAR 203/Device / Month
Monitoring as as Service (scale 3)101-500 MRSAR 188/Device / Month
Monitoring as as Service (scale 4)501 -1000 MRSAR 173/Device / Month
Monitoring as as Service (scale 5)1001-1500 MRSAR 158/Device / Month
Monitoring as as Service (scale 6)1501-2000SAR 143/Device / Month
Monitoring as as Service (scale 7)<2000 MRSAR 128/Device / Month
Managed services

End-to-End Managed Services for your Hybrid IT infrastructure . Total Ownership with 24*7 intelligent managed services powered by AIOps

FlavorManaged Resources (MR) ScalePrice ( Exclusive of VAT )
Managed services ( scale 1)less than 50 MRSAR 675/Device / Month
Managed services ( scale 2)50-100 MRSAR 630/Device / Month
Managed services ( scale 3)101-500 MRSAR 540/Device / Month
Managed services ( scale 4)501 -1000 MRSAR 495/Device / Month
Managed services ( scale 5)1001-1500 MRSAR 450/Device / Month
Managed services ( scale 6)1501-2000 MRSAR 435/Device / Month
Managed services ( scale 7)<2000 MRSAR 420/Device / Month
Add-on Managed Services

Add-on Managed Services package

FlavorPrice ( Exclusive of VAT )
VMs (Linux, windows) with BaaSSAR 285/Device / Month
VMs (Linux, windows) with AntivirusSAR 235/Device / Month
VMs with Antivirus & BaaSSAR 335/Device / Month
Palo Alto Virtual FirewallSAR 4070/Device / Month
F5/A10 Virtual Load BalancerSAR 4070/Device / Month
F5/A10 Load Balancer with WAFSAR 4570/Device / Month
WAF (per Instance)SAR 3920/Device / Month
BaaS (Per Management Service)SAR 4070/Device / Month
Antivirus (Per Management Server)SAR 4070/Device / Month
Microsoft SQL ServerSAR 5320/Device / Month
Microsoft ADFSSAR 7570/Device / Month
Microsoft MFASAR 4070/Device / Month
Microsoft RDSSAR 4070/Device / Month
Active Directory (Up to 500 users)SAR 8070/Device / Month
Active Directory (add-on 1 user)SAR 15/Device / Month
Microsoft Exchange< 500 MailboxesSAR 8070/Device / Month
Microsoft Exchange add-on MailboxSAR 15/Device / Month
SDDC Managed Services

SDDC cloud service

FlavorPrice ( Exclusive of VAT )
VSAN configuration policy (Up to 2)SAR 1570/Device / Month
VMware NSXSAR 770/Device / Month
Logical L3 RoutersSAR 270/Device / Month
Logical L2 SwitchesSAR 170/Device / Month
Logical FirewallSAR 1070/Device / Month
Logical LoadBalancerSAR 1070/Device / Month
Logical VPNSAR 420/Device / Month

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