- Description -

STC OpenShift Dedicated is a cloud hosted platform for Containerized applications, offering high-availability Kubernetes clusters optimized to improve productivity and innovation of application development deployment.

The cluster will include 3 Masters, 3 Infras and 2 Workers at activation, as this is the minimum quantity of resources for High Availability.

This Service Is In Soft Launch Phase.

AVAILABILITY: 99% Uptime Guarantee

- Products -

OpenShift workers

OpenShift workers

FlavorCPURAMPrice ( Exclusive of VAT )
Master-324 vCPU32 GBSAR 2.36/Hour
Infra-82 vCPU8 GBSAR 0.85/Hour
Worker-84 vCPU8 GBSAR 1.28/Hour
Worker-168 vCPU16 GBSAR 2.5/Hour
Worker-3216 vCPU32 GBSAR 4.95/Hour

Block storage

Block storage

Standard ( Price is exclusive of VAT )

SAR  0.00065/Hour

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    Add designated system administator

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- FAQ's -

What can an OpenShift Dedicated Administrator do?
Dedicated Admins have access to all projects on the cluster and can set resource quotas and limit ranges, but they have limited cluster administration capabilities.
What’s included with OpenShift Dedicated Base Package?
Each OpenShift Dedicated cluster comes with a fully managed control plane (Master and Infrastructure nodes), application nodes and cluster portal.
What is OpenShift Dedicated?
OpenShift Dedicated is an OpenShift cluster provided as a managed cloud service, configured for high availability (HA), and dedicated to a single customer (single-tenant).

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