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STC Virtual Data Center is a form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources over the Internet. STC IaaS platforms offer highly scalable resources that can be adjusted on-demand.

AVAILABILITY: 99.95% Uptime Guarantee

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Virtual Machines

VMs with linux or windows OS

FlavorRAMCPUBandwidthPrice ( Exclusive of VAT )
R1-Generic-12 GB1 vCPU100 Mbit/sSAR 0.156/hr
R1-Generic-24 GB2 vCPU100 Mbit/sSAR 0.311/hr
R1-Generic-4-44 GB4 vCPU100 Mbit/sSAR 0.467/hr
R1-Generic-2-88 GB2 vCPU100 Mbit/sSAR 0.467/hr
R1-Generic-4-1212 GB4 vCPU100 Mbit/sSAR 0.778/hr
R1-Generic-48 GB4 vCPU100 Mbit/sSAR 0.622/hr
R1-Generic-4-1616 GB4 vCPU100 Mbit/sSAR 0.933/hr
R1-Generic-8-3232 GB8 vCPU100 Mbit/sSAR 1.866/hr
R1-Generic-816 GB8 vCPU100 Mbit/sSAR 1.244/hr
R1-Generic-1632 GB16 vCPU100 Mbit/sSAR 2.489/hr
R1-Generic-16-6464 GB16 vCPU100 Mbit/sSAR 4.976/hr
R1-Memory-432 GB4 vCPU500 Mbit/sSAR 2.489/hr
R1-Memory-864 GB8 vCPU500 Mbit/sSAR 4.978/hr
R1-Memory-16128 GB16 vCPU500 Mbit/sSAR 9.956/hr
R1-Memory-32256 GB32 vCPU500 Mbit/sSAR 19.911/hr
R1-Network-24 GB2 vCPU2048 Mbit/sSAR 0.561/hr
R1-Network-816 GB8 vCPU2048 Mbit/sSAR 1.5/hr
R1-Network-1632 GB16 vCPU4096 Mbit/sSAR 3/hr
R1-Network-16-4848 GB16 vCPU2048 Mbit/sSAR 3.75/hr
R1-Network-3264 GB32 vCPU4096 Mbit/sSAR 6/hr
R1-Network-32-128128 GB32 vCPU4096 Mbit/sSAR 12.978/hr
R1-Network-64-6464 GB64 vCPU4096 Mbit/sSAR 9/hr
R1-CPU-32128 GB32 vCPU500 Mbit/sSAR 12.978/hr
R1-CPU-64256 GB64 vCPU2048 Mbit/sSAR 25.956/hr
R1-CPU-96256 GB96 vCPU2048 Mbit/sSAR 32.445/hr
Software Licences

Licenced software prices

FlavorPrice ( Exclusive of VAT )
Windows Server - R1-Generic-1SAR 0.25/hr
Windows Server - R1-Generic-2SAR 0.25/hr
Windows Server - R1-Generic-4SAR 0.5/hr
Windows Server - R1-Generic-8SAR 1/hr
Windows Server - R1-Memory-4SAR 0.5/hr
Windows Server - R1-Memory-8SAR 1/hr
Windows Server - R1-Memory-16SAR 2/hr
Windows Server - R1-Memory-32SAR 4/hr
A10 load balancer 100 Mbit/sSAR 7.17/hr
A10 load balancer 200 Mbit/sSAR 8.87/hr
A10 load balancer 500 Mbit/sSAR 15.43/hr
A10 load balancer 1000 Mbit/sSAR 20.04/hr
Brocade LBSAR 4.02/hr
Brocade Redundant LBSAR 8.03/hr
Brocade LB with WAFSAR 14.28/hr
Brocade Redundant LB with WAFSAR 28.57/hr
Windows Server - R1-CPU-64SAR 8/hr
Windows Server - R1-CPU-96SAR 12/hr
F5 LTM 200MbpsSAR 4.4/hr
F5 WAF 200MbpsSAR 7.34/hr
F5 LTM 1GbpsSAR 10.68/hr
F5 WAF 1GbpsSAR 12.01/hr
Block Storage

SSD-GP: SSD Guaranteed performance delivers dedicated-style storage at shared storage with the ability to adjust performance and capacity based on ratio of 1:2 (GB:IOPS),providing exactly the resources when you need them.** Standard: Standard Block storage is the familiar disk volume storage. Add to your VMs according to your needs.

FlavorPrice ( Exclusive of VAT )
SSD-GPSAR 0.0013/GB-Hour
StandardSAR 0.00065/GB-Hour

Network Bandwidth

Traffic going out from our datacentres

Egress Traffic ( Price is exclusive of VAT )

SAR  0.67/GB

Public IPs

Public accessible IP addresses

IP Address ( Price is exclusive of VAT )

SAR  0.15/IP-Hour

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Covered by Support

  • Virtual Machine Uptime / Availability.
  • Virtual Network Related Issues.
  • Virtual Storage Related Issues.
  • Object Storage Related Issues.
  • Virtual Machine Image Related Issues.
  • Web GUI related issues.

Not Covered by Support

  • Custom made Images by Customer.
  • Application installed in VM.
  • VM Operating System administration.
  • Customer Internal network issues.
  • Customer data (Based on the security and privacy policy, we can’t access the data in the VMs/volumes. The customer needs to ensure that he has a secured a copy of his data and have taken backups or snapshots of the VMs/volumes).

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