stc cloud Virtual Data Center

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STC Cloud Virtual Data Center
Virtual Data Center

Virtual Data Center

STC Cloud Virtual Data Center is a form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources over the Internet. STC Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms offer highly scalable resources that can be adjusted on-demand.

  • Virtual Machines VMs with Linux or Windows OS
  • Software Licenses Windows Server Licenses
  • Block StorageStorage Volumes on Demand
  • Object Storage For Scalable & Unstructured Data
  • Network Bandwidth High-Bandwidth Network
  • Public IPs Public Accessible IP Addresses
Design & Estimate Deployments Activation

- Design & Estimate Cost -

Use this page to plan all the resources and capacity you need in your preferred data center location to meet your every need. You can then view an estimated total cost based on your specifications.

Available Products in

Virtual Machines (R2)

On-demand virtual servers

Add Virtual Machines (R2) to your VM

Memory GB
Bandwidth Mbit/s

Virtual Machines

VMs with linux or windows OS

Specify your VM Specs


Microsoft licenses

Licensed software from Microsoft

Add Microsoft licenses to your VM
Microsoft licenses

Software Licences

Licenced software prices

Add Software Licences to your VM

Palo Alto Firewall

VM-Series Virtual Firewalls

Add Palo Alto Firewall to your VM

Block Storage

Block storage is the familiar disk volume storage. Add to your VMs according to your needs.

Add Block Storage to your VM

Network Bandwidth

Estimate your network usage ( out going traffic). Pay only for what you use.

Add Network Bandwidth to your VM
Network Bandwidth

Public IPs

Add one or more public IP addresses which you can map to your existing domain names.

Add Public IPs to your VM
Public IPs

Estimated cost


Add flavors from below to see the pricing.

*This is estimated price only. Actual price may vary. *Price is inclusive of VAT

- Ready-Made Deployments -

As an alternative to building your own virtual datacenter from scratch, you can activate one of our ready-made deployments. By selecting one of our deployments, the appropriate resources are created in your Virtual Data Center automatically and your software is up and running immediately.

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