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Cloud is the limit

Take full advantage of Cloud technology with cloud-based business applications.

This pure OPEX approach frees you from:

- Facility maintenance, including power, climate control, physical facility staffing, internet uplink, etc.

- Hardware budgeting, purchase, maintenance and upgrades.

- Operating system and other systems software licensing, maintenance and upgrades.

- Application maintenance, patching and upgrades.

The path forward

The move to the Cloud is not a one-step process or an irreversible strategic move. You can begin your transformation quickly and pursue it incrementally. Organizations can migrate non-core applications to the cloud quickly.

Good candidates for “early adopter” migration to the Cloud include productivity and team collaboration apps, sales and marketing apps, and human capital management apps. Many organizations begin their migration to the public or a hybrid cloud with such applications.

As you gain experience with cloud-based applications, the rest of your IT infrastructure can eventually cross that bridge.

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